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Life Coaching online. Personal Development Coach, Wellness Coach, Mental Trainer, Supervisor, Patrick FARRÉ works with clients who are looking for a Life Coach speaking English.

Patrick FARRÉ is an online coach. Thus, your Life Coach puts at your disposal his experience of more than ten years to help you to develop your potential and your talents. Because you have potential and talents, consciously or unconsciously. And every person has enormous resources.

First of all, you have to get rid of your limiting beliefs. They are a real drag on your ability to act. Also, avoid comparing yourself to others. For you are unique, that is a certainty, not to say an evidence. It is amazing to see the forces you are capable of unleashing. Once you have your roadmap.

    Your first 45-minute interview is free of charge and without obligation

    Coaching personnel en ligne

    English speaking Life Coach in personal development

    Your Life Coach intervenes in English and French speaking countries, thanks to videoconference tools and also by telephone. In order to help you solve the various problems of your current personal life.

    coaching professionnel en ligne

    English speaking coach for professional life

    Your professional Life Coach helps you to stop doing things that are « sucking you in » and to energise yourself. So that you can move forward. If you don’t make a firm commitment, you won’t get good results.


    So the first interview is free : don’t hesitate !
    Then you can decide whether or not to engage in coaching

    Is coaching the right solution for you ?

    Before starting Life Coaching, it is quite legitimate, and even advisable, to question the relevance of such an approach.

    How does Life Coaching work in practise ?

    A coaching lasts between 3 and 9 months. Of course, it all depends on the current situation and on the future situation you want to experience. So your Life Coach helps you first to clarify and to define your goal. Then, he helps you to find the good options, solutions.

    Are they any constraints to coaching ?

    It’s more a matter of you making an effort. Because it is the motivation and determination you mobilise to do things that will really make the difference. So no actions, no results. Then, this is a fundamental principle, which does not really suffer from exceptions.

    Is Life Coaching really effective ?

    The effectiveness of coaching is now recognised. And more and more people are turning to a coach at some point in their personal or professional lives. In fact, not everyone needs therapy or a mind-body approach.

    And now a small QUIZZ in French to know where you stand !

    Est-ce le moment pour moi de me faire coacher ?

    Ce TEST a pour objectif de vérifier si vous êtes prêt pour un coaching et votre éventuel besoin du moment. Je vous invite à répondre Oui OU Non OU Je ne sais pas à chaque question. Il vous est proposé ici, avec l'aimable et bienveillante autorisation de Françoise Depéry et Nathalie Ducrot, autrices du livre "Un coach peut-il m'aider et comment ?".

    Why choose my as your Life Coach ?

    SOON 15 years of experience

    Experienced Life Coach and connoisseur of life issues


    RNCP certified coach, the only professional certification in the profession


    Flexibility, adaptation and benevolence, the 3 pillars of Life Coaching

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