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Hi, I am Patrick FARRÉ, passionate about Life Coaching online. Personal Development Coach, Psychopractitioner of Enneagram, NLP & Narrative Approach, Mental Trainer, Supervisor of practitioners, I work with clients looking for a multilingual coach speaking English, Italian & French.

So I am an online Life Coach at your service. As such, I put my whole experience of nearly fifteen years at your disposal to help you develop your potential and talents. Because you have potential and talents. And like every person, you have enormous resources, incredible skills and forces.

First of all, I help you to get rid of your limiting beliefs. They are a real brake on your ability to act in everyday life. To realize your authentic self and to stop comparing yourself with others. To change your life, find your place and boost all the strengths and skills you need in your lifetime.

    Your first 45-minute consultation is free, with no obligation.

    life coaching online

    Online personal coaching

    Your Life Coach helps you to make a powerful breakthrough to reconnect yourself with your talents and change the way you live your personal life. In order to help you solve the various problems in your day-to-day time.

    onilne professionnal coaching

    Online professional coaching

    Your Professional Life Coach helps you to stop doing the things that pump out your energy. So you can change your mindset and move forward. But if you don’t make a real commitment, you won’t get results.


    Before starting Life Coaching, it is quite legitimate, and even advisable, to question the relevance of such an approach.

    How much does a Life Coaching session cost ?

    Life Coaching costs much less more than business or corporate coaching. You can benefit from low rates if you choose online coaching packages, such as the package FASTER, for which the prize of the session lasting 1h30 is 40,00€. So make an appointment. NOW.

    How to find a good Life Coach ?

    Take the time to check that the Life Coach is really a Life Coach before scheduling a free meeting online (Zoom, Google Meet, Phone…). And you have to prepare your questions in advance to be sure that the Life Coach is capable to support you on the way.

    How does Life Coaching work in practise ?

    A coaching lasts between 3 and 9 months. Of course, it all depends on the current situation and on the future situation you want to experience. So your Life Coach helps you first to clarify and to define your goal. Then, he helps you to find the good options, solutions.

    Why choose me for your online life coaching ?

    SOON 15 years of experience

    A highly experienced life coach with a thorough understanding of life issues


    RNCP certified life coach, the only professional certification in the profession


    Flexibility, adaptation and kindness, the 3 pillars of Life Coaching

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    Will you be my next customer to share your success story ?


    I asked Mr Farré for help at a time in my career when I was looking for more self-confidence and serenity. Mr Farré showed me that what I was looking for was right there, and that I could, thanks to NLP […].


    I sought out Patrick after trying many methods for years that did not heal my trauma and Patrick has definitely changed my life. He helped me on a personal level with only 5 sessions […].


    I decided to take sessions with Mr Farré because I had just finished my studies and I was feeling a bit lost in my life. I had lost confidence in myself and didn’t know what to do. […]